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In today's globalised business environment, competition in the foreign trade industry is becoming increasingly fierce, and it is crucial for foreign trade practitioners to maintain industry sensitivity and obtain the latest information. Forums are not only a platform for exchanging and sharing experiences, but also a valuable channel for acquiring industry trends, finding partners, solving problems and enhancing professionalism. In this article, we will introduce several must-see foreign trade forums to help foreign trade practitioners make better use of these resources to achieve business development goals.  


bbs.fobshanghai.com is one of the most influential and professional forums in the field of domestic foreign trade. Since its establishment in 2000, the forum has attracted more than 150,000 registered users, becoming a dazzling presence in the industry. This achievement is inseparable from the forum management team for its strict management and maintenance. Every day, a large number of foreign trade practitioners gathered in the FuBu foreign trade forum, actively participate in the discussion, ask questions and share the knowledge and experience of the foreign trade industry. It is worth mentioning that Fubu Foreign Trade Forum has also launched a tool called "Lazy Person Customer Development Tool", although it is similar to Geeksend's foreign trade customer development tool, we have not yet had a clear assessment of its actual effect.


ask.imiker.com is an online community under Mizuno Circle, which has been online for more than 11 years and reportedly has more than 150,000 paid users. The forum presents content in the form of questions and answers, providing a professional and active communication platform for foreign trade practitioners. Here, foreign trade operators can ask questions and get instant answers from other foreign trade industry professionals. The forum is highly active, with dozens of new questions emerging and being answered positively every day. In addition, each foreign trade question attracts a large number of user comments and likes under the post. Given that Mizuno Circle is an online education and training organisation, the content of the forum covers a rich and specific range of foreign trade topics, providing foreign trade practitioners with highly informative resources and information.       



Compared with ordinary foreign trade forums, www.52by.com focuses more on high-quality PCG (content, products and services) output. It is said that BangYi.com has more than 150,000 foreign trade industry users browsing its content, and continuously recommends high-quality service providers in different industries to 1.2 million cross-border/foreign trade users. The foreign trade knowledge shared on BonReading.com comes from BonReading's editorial team and invited foreign trade service companies and organisations. In the past two years, BangReading.com has been constantly striving to optimise its foreign trade website content operation system. High-quality foreign trade articles will even be put on the top of the homepage for sharing. In addition, BangYi.com has also launched the "light site" service, cooperating with foreign trade service providers to produce more excellent content. The content of BonReading.com covers B2B foreign trade and B2C cross-border e-commerce, providing users with a full range of professional foreign trade knowledge and services.    



According to Similarweb's data, www.cifnews.com has a huge scale of website visitors and is a big giant in the foreign trade industry consulting field. In fact, Hugo.com is a media company focusing on cross-border e-commerce and foreign trade industry, with a professional editorial team responsible for content production. Due to its nature as a media company, its content is more inclined to industry consulting, such as the latest information on cross-border e-commerce and foreign trade industry. However, when it comes to industry-specific best practices, Hugo's content may be a bit lacking. Nevertheless, this does not prevent Hugo.com from becoming a leading media in the cross-border e-commerce and foreign trade industry. When searching for keywords related to the foreign trade industry in Google, you can often see Hugo.com's article links ranking high, which shows that Hugo.com has done a lot of SEO work in the vertical of foreign trade websites.


bbs.dhgate.com is China's leading B2B foreign trade platform, founded in 2004, dedicated to providing domestic and international traders with online trading and cooperation opportunities. As a veteran foreign trade platform, Dunhuang has its own foreign trade forum, designed to promote communication and cooperation within the industry. Although it is slightly less active and updated in terms of content, its scale and influence occupy a place in the industry. However, through careful observation, we found that most of the content on the forum is published by Dunhuang.com's editors, mainly centred around the platform's functionality and service promotion. Therefore, Dunhuang's foreign trade forum is more like a foreign trade community set up to promote its own platform and increase user retention.    


Foreign trade forums are important platforms for exchanging industry information and trends. Continuously paying attention to different foreign trade forums can help foreign trade practitioners maintain industry sensitivity, gain information advantages, expand business channels, solve problems, and enhance professionalism, so as to better cope with market challenges and achieve business development. 

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